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Legal support of bankruptcy procedure for the organizations, self-entrepreneur and physical persons

Despite a comprehensive legislative regulation, bankruptcy procedure is one of the most difficult areas of legal activity. All the cases related to bankruptcy of juridical persons and individual entrepreneurs form the specific and difficult legal relations and that is why a lawyer must have a high level of professionalism and preparation.

The attorneys of Moscow bar association “Attorneys and Business” have a huge experience in bankruptcy sphere and they can guarantee a qualified legal defense of the interests of both the creditors and debtors on each step of procedure. Individual methods that are used by the attorneys during the work with a client let estimate a situation correctly, develop a necessary plan of legal actions and predict all the possible unfair schemes and reduce the risks.

Within the frame of the rights and interests of a creditor, the specialists of Moscow bar association “Attorney and Business” use a complete approach that includes:

  • Preparation of the demand to include the bankruptcy creditors in a register of demands;
  • Verification of the claims presented in a judicial proceeding (in case of disagreements);
  • Foreclosure on the pledged property with following sell in an auction;
  • Contestation of the reasoning of inclusion of other creditors in a register of demands;
  • Appeal of insolvency officer’s actions;
  • Contestation of the deals effected by a debtor;
  • Development of a strategy of voting on a meeting of bankruptcy creditors;
  • Legal support for deals of assignment of claims to a debtor;
  • Preparation of settlement agreement;

If a client is insolvent judicial person or individual entrepreneurs then a top target for our attorneys is to keep a property of a debtor. The following legal proceedings are performed for this:

  • Assistance to insolvency officer to draw up a creditor’s register and hold a meeting of bankruptcy creditors and also optimization of debtor’s liabilities and increase in assets, formation of bankruptcy estate;
  • Challenge to unreasonable demands of the creditors claimed to be included on the register;
  • Preparation and holding a meeting of the bankruptcy creditors;
  • Contestation of the deals effected by a debtor, assertion of a claims regarding application of consequences of invalidity of void transactions;
  • Debt recovery from third parties to a debtor;
  • Foreclosure on the pledged property, debt recovery from the guarantor;
  • Assertion of the claims of allocating a subsidiary responsibility to the individuals guilty of making a debtor a bankrupt;

1ST October 2015 a range of significant modifications in legal system of bankruptcy came into legal force Particularly, there is a possibility to declare person a bankrupt. These modifications create absolutely new environment where could work only skilled persons. The high professional qualification and work experience of our attorneys let adapt a bar association practice to a new procedure with containing risks and providing legal defense of the interests of the clients.

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