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Representation of the interests of a client in arbitration courts and regular courts

To defend your violated right today is possible by filing a bill. This is the most appropriate way to do it but without accurate legal advice, positive result may by not by the plaintiff`s side.

The attorneys of our bar association use a wide range of legal actions in a process of representing the interests of their clients. First of all, it includes full analysis of the situation and estimation of the perspectives of the judicial dispute resolution. In order to save time and keep financial interests of the client, our lawyers consider all the possibilities of pre-trial dispute resolution. During judicial process all possible means of legal defense are used. In order to build a body of evidence best experts and specialists are called. In behalf of the client his attorneys interacts with an opponent and discusses a possibility to settle an offence out a court.

Among the clients of Moscow bar association “Attorneys and Business” are large banking companies, industrial enterprises, energy and transport companies. After many years of practice our workers developed effective ways of disputes settlement to the advantage of the client. Also, they worked on how to control a period of performance of execution judgment. Our attorneys have a vast experience of representation of the clients in arbitration proceedings and foreign institutes of international commercial arbitration.

Our attorneys apply the following principles while preparing the strategies of judicial defense of the interests of the client:

  • Efficiency of legal acts;
  • Ultimate safeguarding interests;
  • Confidentiality compliance and strong keeping of attorney-client privilege;
  • Comprehensive consideration of the possibilities of disputes settlement;
  • Teamwork of all the specialists of bar association in order to reach a better result;

Every dispute has its unique details, so an ability to find them out is a feature of high qualification. Our attorneys use systematic approach for case analysis considering all the possibilities to reach the goal while preparing the case to hearing in regular court or arbitration court.

What is more, apart from representation of the interests of the client in judicial instance or arbitration court, the case is published in media resources if it is needed in order to provide a public interest. In some situations it helps to exclude corruption or other illegal factors influenced on process of making a court decision.

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