Opening Hours: monday - friday 10.00-20.00

How we work

You can call us and we will always find a time for you. You can also contact us by fax, email or ordinary mail.

First of all, we need to understand what are your goals and tasks and also what results you want to reach. Usually, on the first meeting we inspect the documents in order to define our opportunities and conditions of work.
After discussing your tasks, analyzing the documents and given information, we prepare commercial offer in verbal or written form and give it to you in order to investigate it and make a decision.
After discussing commercial offer and conducting of negotiations, we prepare technical enquiry and draft legal services agreement. After entering into an agreement, we start to work.
For regular clients we start to work right after verbal agreement of technical enquiry and service prices. In case of urgency, we base on our relations with client and start working immediately (after first meeting) with following execution of an agreement and other necessary documents.

Use this information to contact us. We will do everything to help you!