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Goals and means of achieving

Based in Moscow, “Attorneys and Business” successfully operate in other regions of Russian Federation, also in Ukraine and several countries in Eastern Europe. Our clients need different types of law support that is why “Attorneys and Business” use an individual attention to each of them. The fair price is always available for the client or he can even propose his own variant.

According to Federal Law “on Advocacy in the Russian Federation”, the main target of legal profession is to provide qualified law support for corporate and individual persons (clients) in order to protect their rights, freedom and interests and also ensure access to justice. Specifically, Moscow bar association “Attorneys and Business” specialize on legal support for Russian and foreign commercial companies and individual entrepreneurs.
We fully use our advantages:

  • Professionalism;
  • Experience and qualification;
  • Honesty;
  • Confidentiality;
  • Observance of rights and interests of a client;
  • Integrated approach;
  • Efficiency;
  • Replaceability;
  • Collective character;
  • Between territoriality;
  • Individual attention to client;
  • Reasonable cost

We have high demands to the team of lawyers and attorneys in “Attorneys and Business”. First of all, each of us is an experienced and qualified professional, honest and fair man who cares about observance of ethical principles.
We do our best at work, keeping the professional secrecy and observing rights and interest of a client. In Moscow bar association “Attorneys and Business”, we believe that working with one lawyer who may provide all the services at once is much easier, conveniently, reliably, faster and profitably.

Attorney at law is that legal form based on partnership of lawyers, consequently everyone may participate in any project. It helps to avoid dependence of a client from one particular lawyer (for example in case of illness, vacation etc.) that also prevents a risk of time loss. An important fact is that our team members are always ready to help each other and the key questions are discussed collectively that is why there is no possibility to make a wrong decision.

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