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General information

According to article 48 of the Constitution of the Russian Federation everyone shall be guaranteed the right to qualified legal assistance.

Any person detained, taken into custody or accused of committing a crime shall have the right to use the assistance of a lawyer (counsel for the defence) from the moment of being detained, placed in custody or accused.
According to the Federal Law “on Advocacy in the Russian Federation” advocacy is a knowledgeable legal support for individuals and legal persons provided by the people who were granted a status of attorney in order to protect the rights, freedoms and interests of the clients and enable access to justice.
Advocacy is not an entrepreneurial activity.
Attorney is an independent professional legal adviser. Legal profession is a community of professional attorneys and as a civil society institution; it is not a part of a system of state bodies and community bodies. Legal profession relies upon the principles of legality, independence, self-government, employee loyalty,

also the principles of the equal rights of the attorneys. Attorney-client privilege applies to any information related to legal assistance.
Attorney can’t be called and examined as a witness about facts and circumstances that he knew because of client’s application for legal assistance.
Carrying out of special investigation activities into attorney (including territories of living and office accommodation used by attorney) is possible only pursuant to court order.
Information, objects and documents got during special investigation activities (including stay and determination of status of attorney) can be used as a prosecution evidence only if they are not used by attorney himself in his clients’ cases. These restrictions do not cover crime instruments and objects forbidden or limited in use in accordance with Russian Federation Law.

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