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Consultations for economic security

The main goal for the lawyer is to defend his client. Business risks may appear in both internal and external activity of an enterprise. Precisely, it may be dangerous for its scientific, technological, industrial and human resources. That is why Moscow bar association "Attorneys and Business" for a long time successfully ensure economic security by doing comprehensive analysis of commercial activity of the client and developing optimal methods of problem solving and warnings of potential risks.

This direction of practices of bar association demands a team work of our lawyers, attorneys and specialist in different legal and professional fields in order to build strong and effective basis for our clients’ business activities.

Effective provision of economic security is a complex of interrelated organizational, strategic, technic, informative, legal and other actions, performed in order to defend the client’s business from real or potential actions by the state, private individuals or legal bodies that was lead to economic losses.

At the present time, our attorneys and lawyers developed the projects for safe economic activity of the leading commercial Russian and foreign organizations. Within a framework of this activity a lot of attention is paid on carrying out necessary activities in a field of intellectual law (registration, transfer and use of objects of intellectual property), protection of business reputation of the client, warnings of disclosure of know-how and also in a field of сconsumer right protection. A very important part of work of our bar association is a representation of the interests of the clients in criminal matter related to economic crime.

Moreover, Moscow bar association works together with different government agencies. It lets our clients reckon on observance of lawfulness and performance of different administrative procedures such as carrying out of necessary registration actions with objects of movable and real property and getting required permits for carrying out some kinds of activities etc.

Consulting services in a field of economic safety are provided in the following directions:

  • Analysis of business and forecasting of potential risks for economic safety;
  • Risk management activities (development of preventive measures, strategies of stable development of organizations);
  • Finding out, analysis and estimation of real risks for economic safety;
  • Decision making and organization of risks prevention;
  • Creation and developing of economic safety control system for the client;

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