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Regulation of corporate relations. Due diligence

At the present time economy of Russian Federation actively develops that results in a range of both Russian and foreign entities involved in market relations. Legal system regulated a relationship between the competitors constantly changes and legal ways of influence and control of entrepreneurial activity improves.

That is why legal maintenance of corporate activity is a special practice category in Moscow bar association “Attorneys and Business”. This category of legal relations is complicated because several areas of law regulate it: civil law, administrative law, working law, environmental law, banking law and other benches of law. One or another legal norm is applied depending on sphere of activities of concrete corporate person. Moscow bar association exists for already 20 years and during this period our specialists developed unique incorporation techniques, support of daily commercial activity of corporate persons, carrying out merger and acquisition and also legal support of complicated commercial deals in different jurisdictions.

Legal support of corporate activity needs multi-sided lawyers` work and full understanding of strategic goals set by organization. Our bar association use client-centered approach that lets create flexible and effective structure of corporate bodies responding to interests of founding parties. In a process of daily work of organization, our bar association provides justification and legitimacy of its commercial activity, carries out an analysis of investment projects, consults about tax returns. The lawyers of Moscow bar association “Attorneys and Business” work on strategy of “external” relations between organizations and the partners, carry out due diligence and consult corporate management team in a field of antitrust law.

Our bar association provides the following services in a field of corporate relations:

  • Legal groundwork for incorporation procedure, development of individual structure of corporate bodies;
  • Liquidation of a legal entity procedure;
  • Merger and acquisition of legal entities consultation;
  • Development of founding documents and other internal documentation of legal entity;
  • Legal support for securities offerings, its registration, reregistration, redemption and accounting;
  • Effective corporate management services;
  • Consulting in all forms of corporate restructuring of legal entity;
  • Corporate disputes resolution, carrying out of necessary legal acts related to conflict avoidance with contracting party;

Due diligence of investment project in case of major deals and merge and acquisitions deals both on the territory of Russia and under foreign jurisdictions. Due diligence procedure is focused on comprehensive verification of legality and commercial attractiveness of planned deal or investment object. Full information got while due diligence will let the investors and business partners deeply investigate all the advantages and disadvantages of cooperation.

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