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Agreement and Warrant of Attorney

According to article 25 of the Federal Law “On advocacy in the Russian Federation”, legal activity is performed on a basis of retainer.

Retainer is a civil contract in a simple paper form made between the client and the attorney (attorneys) in order to provide legal services to the client himself or his designated person.

Essential conditions of Agreement:

  • Naming the Attorney (Attorneys) accepted execution of order as private attorney (attorneys) and his (their) belonging legal education and Chamber of Lawyers;
  • The object of retainer;
  • Conditions of legal services fee payment by the client;
  • Procedure and amount of reimburse costs of the attorney (attorneys) related to execution of order;
  • Extent and pattern of liability of the attorney (attorneys), accepted execution of order;

The attorney’s right for fees and reimburse costs related to execution of order can not be assigned to third party without client’s agreement.
Fees paid by the client to the attorney or reimburse costs related to execution of order must be paid in the cashier of appropriate law firm or transferred to operating account of law firm as and when provided in retainer.
According to article 6 of the Federal Law “on Advocacy in the Russian Federation”, attorney must have a warrant of execution of order given by appropriate law firm. The form of warrant is approved by federal justice agency. Otherwise, the attorney acts on by virtue of the power of attorney. Nobody has a right to require from the attorney and his client to show a retainer.

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